Self-checkout kiosks allow customers to purchase items or make use of services via a self-service kiosk. They enhance the customers’ experience by providing a solution that alleviates the need to stand in long lines, especially when businesses are short-staffed. Typically self-checkout kiosks are equipped with sensors, barcode scanners and/scales, and allow payment methods such as cash, coin, and credit cards.  In other cases they may be used by companies that sell supplies and/or convenience items to their employees.  These self-checkout kiosks are sometimes equipped with biometric devices, cameras and other payment verification sensors. They are ideal in retail settings where they can be used before or after normal store hours.





This self-checkout kiosk was developed as a point of sale solution specifically for stockroom checkout within a company.  The goal was to create the “Stockroom of the Future” by streamlining the checkout process using biometric login and RFID technology that would instantly read all items placed on the counter.  The user then confirms the purchase and leaves with the items.  Integrated security sensors insure that items are not taken without being checked out.




This kiosk was created for a big box retailer to allow their customers to pay a deposit on their layaway items.  The kiosk software would allow the customer to shop for items, make a down payment, select a desired payment plan, as well as setup payment reminders via text message.  Once the last payment is made the kiosk will automatically print the final voucher for pickup at the customer service centre.




This solution was developed to allow retailers more flexibility when their stores are short-staffed.  It allows customers to purchase what they need while avoiding the hassle of long lines. These checkout systems are equipped with integrated security sensors to ensure that items are not taken without being checked out.



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