We provide highly customized OEM Kiosk Solutions for our clients through continuous collaboration that takes them through a comprehensive process from Planning to Design to Prototype to Production. The end result is a total self-service solution, complete with hardware, software and services.




PLANNING: We sit with our clients to get an idea of their business needs, the current challenges they are experiencing that they believe a self-service solution would eliminate, and finally what they envision the ‘look and feel’ and functionality of the solution to be.

A complete review is undertaken to ensure that all elements of the process to be automated are included.


DESIGN: Initial concept sketches based on discussions in the planning stage are created and include the components needed to ensure proper functionality. The external appearance of the kiosk is created around its functional requirements and reflects the vision and brand of the client. This design process is extensive and requires many exchanges between us and the client to ensure we get the optimum design to suit their needs. Alongside the development of the hardware design, we also work to develop the software needed for the kiosk. In some cases, clients may choose an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution or may already have a software application that can be incorporated into the kiosk design.

Clients are provided with both an internal and external, fully-branded rendering for approval prior to a prototype being created.


PROTOTYPE: Once our clients are happy with the design, we create a prototype that allows them to see a physical, fully functional replica of the proposed kiosk model that they envisioned and helped design. At this stage the functionality of the kiosk is put through vigorous testing, often in the ‘field’, where consumers can use the kiosk as intended.

The prototype allows us to make any necessary changes needed to the hardware and software of the unit before it goes into final production.


PRODUCTION: Production only begins when the client signs off on the prototype and any design changes. USAkiosks has a unique advantage because we utilize a production process that allows mass customization of kiosks, up to 250 units per week, with a four to six-week delivery time.

We deliver fully operational units at the client’s location of choice with a ‘look and feel’ unique to their project while adhering to commercial and regulatory design requirements.


We take pride in the work we do and stand by the quality of our products, offering complete on-site installation and maintenance of all our kiosk units.







Our client, a project developer requested this custom tablet kiosk design for a member-based program. The kiosks allow members to swipe their membership cards to check personal or service information.






Our client provides various science-based products, services and solutions to various industries including pharmaceutical and biotechnology. They also provide custom manufacturing and support of research and laboratory operations.

This kiosk was developed as a point of sale solution, specifically as a stockroom checkout option for their clients.  The goal was to create the “Stockroom of the Future” by streamlining the checkout process using biometric login and RFID technology that instantly reads all items placed on the counter.  The user then confirms the purchase and leaves with the items.  Integrated security sensors insure that items are not taken without being checked out.





This is a customized outdoor kiosk solution used for ordering menu selections. It was designed for one of our clients based in Mexico.


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